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Java Map projection Library (JMPL)

The projTest program is used to test the routines in the Java Map Projection Library (JMPL).  This library was converted from the proj4 C map projection library by Jerry Huxtable.  In the conversion process, Jerry repackaged the projections into a Java Object Oriented Programming (OOP) configuration.

The JBuilder development directory structure for this project is as follows.

 ProjectionTest Dist\

The ProjectionTest Dist directory contains the following files:

The ProjTest2.jar file.  You can execute the ProjTest2.jar file by double clicking it if you have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed.  If you do not have installed you can get it free at  The ProjTest2E.exe file will run in a Windows environment which does not have the JRE installed.  Here is the GUI for the map projections test program - all source code is included.

The ProjTest.jpx file is the JBuilder control file.

README 1ST.doc.  This File.

The doc directory contains the documentation for the JMPL library (Java Map Projection Library.doc)and the test program (The Java Projection Library Test Program.doc).  The test program documentation uses/refers to the other two files in this directory.  If you do not have Word on your system you can get a Word reader program at:

The MapData directory contains the cartographic data used by the program to draw the maps.  These are binary files and there is nothing you need to do with them.

The src\JMPL directory contains the code developed by Jerry Huxtable (with modifications).  All of Jerry's code which is necessary for the projection routines has been consolidated into this single directory.  Jerry's download zip file contains a large amount of data and code relating to datums and other things which are not needed to use the projection routines.  Everything which is not required by the projection routines is not included in this directory.

Please note:  When you go the the JMPL download page there is a zip download file which contains ALL of the development code and documentation.  If you are interested in the internals of the map projection routines and/or would like to work on the projections which still need work everything is there for you.

The src\fwpUtil subdirectory contains the LOGGER.doc and files.  The Logger package is used in by the Proj2Test program.  You are free to use this code.

src\projtest subdirectory contains the java source code files for the map projection test program.

doc\ contains the documentation for the Java Map Projection Library (JMPL) and the test program in both Word and PDF formats.

This package is a small part of an effort to explore and describe how computers can be used to make maps. For additional information on the complete project visit:

Visit the author's page at:

This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain.  For more information, please refer to <>

Fred Pospeschil

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